Frequently Asked Questions about Grand Hotel Europa Innsbruck

Hotel specifics
  • What time is check in/out?
    Check-in is from 3 pm, check-out is till 11 am.

  • Will it be possible to check in early or check out late?
    Depending on the rooms availability, it is possible to check in or check out outside the established times. The estimated cost is € 50 until 4pm. For early check in, no charge is charged from 10am onwards; In the event that early arrival is very early in the morning, the whole night is charged.

  • Will there be a luggage storage at the hotel in case of early arrival or late departure?
    The property has a luggage storage room where you can leave luggage for free. It also has a large storage area for bikes and skis (for the winter).

  • Will there be a garage or a parking lot? How much will it cost?
    You can use the nearby railway station public parking for the following cost: 24 hours € 19, 3 days € 38, one week € 76. Parking is not reserved, therefore no place can be booked.

  • Are pets permitted in your hotel? Which size? Will there apply an overcharge?
    The hotel accepts animals of any size at a supplement of 15 € for small and medium sized animals, and 30 € for large animals.

  • Will there be children's animation? For what age? Which activities will be provided?
    The hotel does not have indoor animation, suggests, and offers activities that can be carried out in the area, such as swimming pools, playgrounds and children's museums.

  • Do you organize tours or excursions?
    Yes, the hotel organizes tours and excursions to visit all the mountains around Innsbruck. More information can be requested directly at the Hotel.

  • Is there any trecking way in the area?
    Yes, on all the mountains around Innsbruck

  • Which services are included in BAR base rate in B&B?
    WIFI access, wellness access, breakfast, and amenities, depending on the type of room you requested, the services are specified at the time of booking in the description of each room type.
  • How many rooms has the hotel?
    The Grand Hotel Europa has 108 rooms of different types.

  • Are there any rooms with balcony or terrace?
    Yes, the hotel has rooms with balconies on the second floor of the property and an apartment on the fifth floor.

  • Are there sea view rooms?
    Innsbruck is located in the Inn Valley. All rooms from the superior upstairs are located on the highest floors and from here you can have one on the summits of the surrounding mountains.

  • Are there rooms with parquet?
    Our rooms, as tradition of the Austrian cabin, all feature soft carpet.

  • Are the bathrooms equipped with showers or bathtubs?
    The hotel has 59 rooms with tub and 43 rooms with shower and 6 rooms (Junior Suite and Suite) with both. Express your preference when booking.

  • Are there familiy rooms or connecting rooms?
    Yes, the hotel has connecting rooms ideal for families with children, up to 4 people.

  • Are baby cots available at your hotel? Will they be charged?
    The hotel offers babycots on request at no extra charge. From 12 years old children are charged a supplement.

  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed in a room?
    Grand Hotel Europa's rooms can accommodate up to 3 people.

  • Do you have any rooms suited for people with disabilities?
    The hotel has 2 rooms adapted for disabled people.

  • Is smoking permitted in your hotel?
    No, the hotel does not have smoking rooms.

  • Does the rooms have air conditioned?
    Yes, all rooms at the Grand Hotel Europa are equipped with air conditioning.

  • Will I be able to tune in to internatinal broadcasts (Satellite TV) or Sky channels?
    All hotel rooms have TV with international channels. There is a TV with SKY Austria subscription at the hotel bar.
  • How many restaurants has the hotel?
    The Grand Hotel Europa has a restaurant called "Europa Stüberl".

  • What is the restaurant opening hours?
    The restaurant has the following times 18:30 - 21:30 at dinner.
    Sunday: closed.
    On request we serve you a light Lunch Menu in our Bar and at the Adler Salon.

  • At what time is breakfast served?
    Breakfast at the hotel is served from 7:00 am to 10:30 am, during the weekend you can enjoy breakfast until 11:00.

    Is breakfast included in the price?        
    Yes, always.

  • Is restaurant buffet or à la carte? What kind of catering will it offer?
    The Grand Hotel Europa's restaurant serves a rich à la carte menu. It is a historic restaurant that is now a reference point for the high tirolese society offering very good dishes typical of the Tyrolean tradition.

  • Are beverages included in half or full pension?
    Drinks are never included, no fee.

  • Does the hotel offer celiacs friendly menu?
    The restaurant can provide celiac food as a prior request to the staff.

  • Does the hotel offer vegetarian or vegan menu?
    The restaurant can provide vegetarian and vegan food as a prior request to the staff.

  • Does the hotel offer children menu?
    The restaurant provides and prepares children's menus as a prior request to staff.

  • Are there any restaurants nearby the hotel?
    Yes, the restaurant has highchairs for children.
  • How many holes has the golf course?
    Grand Hotel Europa does not have a golf course property. For golf enthusiasts, Grand Hotel Europa has started a partnership with several Golf Clubs in the region. Within 10 minutes you can reach the Golfclub Innsbruck Igls - Lans with a 9-hole golf course, but you can reach the Innsbruck Golf Club Innsbruck Igls - Rinn or the 18 hole Olympia Golf Igls at less than 20 minutes by car.

  • What are the opening hours?
    Golf Clubs are usually open from Daylight until sunset.

  • What is the daily price of the green fee?
    The green fee for Grand Hotel Europa guests is € 56.

  • Are there any discounts for children? Up to what age?
    No reduction is envisaged.

  • Is there a preferential rate to the green fee for hotel's guests?
    The green fee for guests at Grand Hotel Europa costs € 56.

  • Are there pricing facilities for hotel's guests on nearby golf clubs?
    Yes, the hotel has facilities with INNSBRUCK IGLS GOLF CLUB and OLIMPYA GOLF.

    What's the price of a ball coin?              
    The cost of the balloon coin is 2 €.

  • What's the price of an individual class? How long is it?
    It is possible to have this information by contacting the Golf Club.

  • Can I rent the equipment? At what price?
    Yes, you can rent equipment: Trolley costs 5 €, sticks 20 € and balls 2 €.

  • Do I have to be registered to the Golf Federation- in order to play golf?
    No, everybody who have the permission can have access to the Golf Club Igls ( Pay and play ) in Rinn & Lans you need a membership of an club.

  • Can I play without being neither registered nor member?
    Hotel guests may have free access to the golf courses, although they are not members of the Golf Club.

  • Will there be a catering service?
    Each Golf Club includes a Restaurant, which can be freely used by anyone in it, no discounts are available on the menu.

  • Do you have a golf cart? What is its daily cost?
    Hosts will be able to take advantage of the Golf Car service directly at the chosen Golf Club, possible costs may be applied locally.

  • How many classes do I have to attend in order to learn to play golf?
    Each teacher will evaluate the preparation of the Guests.

  • Is there a dress code?
    No Jeans, and a Shirt with collor ( Polo, Shirt ).

  • At what age can a child play golf?
    For kids it is advisable to start playing golf at the age of 4-6 years. On the range. On the cirt up from 8 years.

  • What do I have to do in order to obtain handicap?
    For Golf Club Innsbruck IGLS Rinn and Lans the handicap limits are:
    Weekdays - 45 max | Weekend / Holidays -34 Women / -36 Men.

  • From what age can I start playing? Are there any limits?
    All facilities have adequate changing rooms.

  • I have never played; can I access the course?
    No only if you know the rules and have the permission. Otherwise you only can use the range.

  • Can my family access the course even if they don't play?
    Upon request.
  • Do you have bicycles for your guests? What kind and at what cost?
    The Grand Hotel Europa in partnership with the Börse bike shop offers bike rental service at a cost of 16 € for 1 hour.

  • Do you have bicycles with children seats? Up to what age? At what cost?
    The Grand Hotel Europa in partnership with the bike shop Börse offers bike rental service with the possibility of renting baby seats up to 5 years at a daily cost of 7 €. It is also possible to rent in addition the enfant door trolley for up to 2 children at a cost of 10 € per day.

  • Do you have a bicycle storage? Is there a fee?
    The Grand Hotel Europa has a free bicycle storage room for hotel guests.

  • Do you have a workshop?
    The hotel does not have a well-equipped workshop, but you can contact the Börse bike shop.

  • Do you have a washing area?
    The hotel does not have a washing area for bicycles.

  • Are there any recommended bikes route?
    There are many bike an Mountain Bikes paths that are easily reachable, you can ask more information directly at the Börse bike shop or our staff at reception.

  • Is there a workshop for small repairs?
    No, the hotel does not have internal mechanical service, but you can contact the bike shop "Börse".

  • Are there replacement bikes in case of break up?
    At the Bike Shop you can request a replacement bike in case of breakage of the rented bike.

  • Are there any rescue veichles for harder routes?
    No there isn't.

  • Is there a laundry service? At what cost?
    No there isn't.

  • Is there a shoe dry cleaning service in case it rains?
    The service is offered free of charge within the Ski Room, accessible to all our guests.

  • Do you have any agreements with local bicycles shops?
    We have a partnership with the Börse bike shop.
  • How far is the hotel from the ski lifts and ski slopes?
    The nearest ski lift is the Nordkette, a 10-minute walk from the hotel. With free shuttle bus you can reach Patscherkofel (20 minutes), Axamer Lixum (30 minutes), Schlick 2000 (30 minutes) and Stubaier Gletscher (1 hour and 30 minutes).

  • Is there a shuttle skibus service available? Is it free or for a fee?
    Yes, the municipality of Innsbruckl has a free shuttle bus service for the property's guests.

  • Is there a ski deposit? Is it free or for a fee? Is it heated?
    Yes, the hotel has a free and heated ski deposit reserved for guests of the property.

  • Is it possible to rent sports and ski equipment? Are there conventions with local exercises?
    Our guests can rent sports and ski equipment at the company "Börse" and enjoy discounts reserved.

  • What is the opening time of skiing facilities?
    The opening of ski resorts is linked to the presence or not of snow. Usually the apple is scheduled for the holiday on December 8th and closure around the middle of April.

  • In the summer there are open systems? Is there a chance to subscribe?
    On the Stubaier & Hintertuxer glaciers, a subscription is possible.
  • How can I reach the Hotel from the station?
    The Grand Hotel Europa can be reached on foot, and the station is only 50 meters from the hotel.

  • What is the nearest airport?
    The nearest airport is Innsbruck's Flughafen, which is about a 20-minute drive from Grand Hotel Europa.

  • How can I reach the resort from the highway?
    The nearest motorway exit is Innsbruck-Mitte, 3 km away from Grand Hotel Europa (7 minutes).

  • How far is the nearest bus stop?
    Only 50 meters from Grand Hotel Europa there is a bus stop.

  • How far is town centre?
    Grand Hotel Europa is just 200 meters from the center of Innsbruck, a few minutes' walk away.

  • Is it possible to organize a private transfer to the airport or to the station? What is its cost?
    The hotel organizes the transfer from the airport and it costs € 15 per trip up to a maximum of 3, otherwise there is a van service at a cost of € 30 for a maximum of 6 people.

  • What are the places of major interest ner the hotel?
    The Hotel is just a few meters from Maria Theressien Strasse, the main street of Innsbruck, where you can shop. 100 meters from the hotel lies the Casino, the Museum of Contemporary Art and continuing from Maria Theressien Strasse is easily accessible Within 5 minutes walking distance of the city's historic center, with the City Hall, which offers a 360 ° view of the city, with the Golden Tattoo, the Duomo and the Royal Palace. Near Innsbruck there is Wattens where you can visit the Swarovski plant, and Seefeld where guests can go skiing, hiking on the lake, visiting the Christmas markets and tempting the casino.

  • Is it possible to rent a car?
    The hotel does not provide Car Rental service, but in front of the Hotel there is a Hertz center, our front desk staff will be happy to assist you in any doubt.
  • What is included in the room rate?
    Room rates do not include the city tax, unlimited access to WIFI and access to the fitness, breakfast and a bottle of water on arrival.

  • Will there be a tourist tax? What is its daily cost?
    City tax is € 1 per person per night is required.

  • Which credit card do you accept?
    The hotel accepts major credit cards: AMEX, Diners, JCB, Mastercard, Visa.

  • From what age do the children have to pay?
    The Grand Hotel Europa is happy to welcome children up to 6 years of age in their structure free of charge.


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